Social object

We are part of the implementation of the National Plan for Economic and Social Development until 2030 in objectives 173, 182, 183, 311; which define the main forms of ownership on the means of production, which frames our group in a small-medium business of graphic arts with dynamic and flexible management. Prioritizing the quality and development of the values that facilitate socialist construction over the principle of increasing efficiency, social wealth and well-being.
Sutprint has in its social object, which is submitted for approval at the OCPI with entry number 5101, the following services:

  1. Assembly of fairs and exhibitions.
  2. Digitization, photocopying, binding and plasticizing.
  3. Design, production, re production and marketing of graphic prints, institutional stationery, advertising campaigns, signage; in addition to labels and packaging..


To guarantee design and printing products and services and other value-added products and services of the graphic arts industry in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction of society, based on ethical and aesthetic principles oriented to the consumption of advertising and responsible and sustainable promotion.


Provide services and develop graphic arts design and printing products with quality endorsements, ensuring levels of profitability and efficiency, employing clean industry technologies, with a team of highly motivated and professionally prepared collaborators who contribute to the successful outcome of Cuban companies and Latin America and the Caribbean with high recognition of society and the business sector.

Human capital

Backed by a team of highly qualified and committed collaborators as the main asset and foundation on what sustains all its solutions.

Business strategy

It is driven by the constant relationship that we have maintained with our current customers, as well as the one that are being prospected, so that they corroborate our quality in service and attention to their needs, which presupposes:

  1. We propose a total accompaniment from the time you contact us and consult the different options that we have, through the production process, to the after-sales service; so you can make your investment more profitable and optimize time from start to finish.
  2. Our family entrepreneurship project specializes in advising you to project a better corporate image through the most varied options you may need from the graphic arts industry. We have a wide variety of articles and services where you will find what is right for the need of your projection and your budget.
  3. For your attention we have a management and development team, who will advise you in a timely manner on our products, prices, stocks and general characteristics, so that you find the most appropriate for your promotional campaign.


Calle 12 No. 15 e/ 1ra y 3ra,
Rpto Chibás, Guanabacoa,
La Habana, Cuba.


(+53) 7 7984862
(+53) 52423812

Hour hand:

Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM